Who Am I?


My name is Noah Starr

I’m curious with a passion for history, media, sports, and anything intellectually stimulating. In my prior life, I was a lacrosse player for the University of Texas at Austin where I studied Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship.

Currently, I’m the Founder of Truth Serum History, a media company that educates the World about our shared history. Within Truth Serum, I write the Historical Context newsletter and host the What’s it like podcast. Oh, and I also have a personal blog titled Rambling Digressions — my excuse to ramble about some nonsense.

For my ‘real’ job, I’m a credit analyst at Stonebriar Commercial Finance, one of the largest Independent lenders in the United States. And though I’m originally from New York, I currently reside in Dallas, TX. Thanks for being here!

The Biggest Problem In Our Country That No One Is Talking About

How the rise of historical illiteracy fuels polarization and what we can do to reverse the trend / Society needs a dose of Truth Serum.

I’m doing great!

How being superficially happy has consequences.

Nope, I don’t know this person.

A story about your phone anxiety.

There needs to be an objective media company that focuses entirely on educating Americans about our shared history.
— Noah Starr

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