Nope, I don't know this person.

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It’s 9:17 am on a Saturday, and you deserve it.

You deserve sleeping in late. You deserve to plant your face on the pillow for the remainder of the day and just, be. You deserve the fresh relaxation sleep provides your mind and body.

For the past five days, you worked incredibly hard at your challenging job. You impressed a lot of people and gained an edge on your coworker. Gosh, your coworker’s super competitive.

Instead of dreaming the day away, you decide to get out of the comfort of the warm blanket and embark on the perilous, freezing journey to your closet. It’s here you put on your attire for the beautiful day.

As you leave your apartment building for the market, you decide to turn off your phone and put it in your pocket. You say to yourself how much you enjoy nature and being without your phone.

Then, you panic. At that exact instant, someone might call you. Someone potentially super important could shoot you a text. What if there’s an emergency? What if my boss needs me? What if my parents call?

You stop, breathe, and think. There was a time when phones didn’t exist. People lived without the pleasure and stress of constant connectivity.

For 20 minutes, you force yourself to leave your phone powered off in your pocket. Confidence at an all time high, you stroll towards the supermarket without a worry in the world, until you get nervous.

Approximately 65 feet ahead is a person walking towards you, matching your walking speed.

Every step you take, you get closer to the moment; the moment when your eyes meet; the moment when you say to yourself,

“nope, I don’t know this person.”

Finally, the moment you dread arrives. You glance up, and your eyes meet. Still ten feet away, the lack of familiarity between the two of you causes a moment of awkwardness. Instinctively, you reach for your right pocket. You pull out the miniaturized computer and stare at it.

Besides your legs, the rest of your body is paralyzed, frozen in the constant stare at your phone.

As you stare, you remember that you turned off the device.

You’re staring at a black screen.

You play it crystal cool. If anyone were to look at you, they’d think you had something incredibly important going on. Not true. Instead, you spend 7 seconds in a state of nothingness. Not a single thought rolls through your head. You just, stare.

Before you know it, the stranger has passed you by, never to see you again.

You proceed to turn your phone on: no new messages.