2055: Part I — Get That Hologram Out Of My Face!

A short story about how new technologies (automatic breakfast maker, self-driving cars, mirror entertainment system) will impact your day-to-day life.

credit: whichcar

credit: whichcar

The year is 2055 on a typical Monday morning.

At 6:45 am, your brain-synced alarm clock gently wakes you up with peaceful light and sound pulses. With a slight smile on your face, you gingerly depart your climate cooled comforter, step into your organic fur slippers and head to the bathroom.

While your teeth are brushed automatically by your mouthpiece cleaner enhanced with 14 mini brushes, the mirror entertainment system fitted with 4 separate screens alerts you of the government’s announcement: self-driving vehicles are ubiquitous.

The video depicting a CGI created human making this announcement appears in the top right quadrant of the massive intuitive mirror. After the announcement, the news focuses its efforts back to the breaking news out of the colony on Mars.

Obviously, you have more important things on your mind than these stories, like the fact that your job hangs by a thread, so you disregard the messages. 

After a quick cleanse in the shower that uses recycled and soap infused H20, the air dryer system evaporates all water particles from your skin.

You then ‘step’ into your work outfit — handpicked by an algorithm that analyzes the latest fashion trends — and use the toilet (which analyzes your waste to determine the optimal water usage level before flushing it through the mini recycling and treatment filter).

Then, you walk to the eating area and are delighted to notice that the automatic-breakfast maker has already prepared today’s breakfast for you to enjoy.

After scarfing down the perfectly cooked kale-soybean and tofu-butter sandwich (yum!), your contact lens computer system alerts you to head outside and get into your cab. 

Per usual, you ignore the five strangers in the car and read the news on the holographic system, which displays on the seat in front of you. 

While you read the news, the glowing magnificence of the above advertising rotunda, continuously circulating innovative and colorful ads around the car, catches your attention.

As you look up, you see that the ad for the new automatic breakfast maker rotates to your side of the car. You hand motion towards it to which a hologram pops in front of you, leading to your disappointment. 

The ad states the new automatic breakfast maker’s taste bud identifier has improved, in addition to faster cooking speeds and a new mid-day ‘snack’ feature.

This message irks you because you just spent your full week’s salary on the last week’s edition of the breakfast maker, so you ‘throw’ the hologram out of your face.

A few minutes later, you look up at the rotunda again to see that for a small extra cost, you can upgrade to the new one! You accept this offer by giving two thumbs up and automatically have the new breakfast maker drone-lifted to your house. 

Shortly after the purchase, the vehicle drops you off at work. The car’s audio system thanks you for riding and reminds you that it will pick you up at 17:01 pm sharp.

However, as you go through the building security system, you are alerted of your dismissal from the company. The new quantum computer upgrade removed the need for your job.

You observe that this is not a great start to the week, but get excited that your new automatic breakfast maker is awaiting you at home.